About Me



  • Been married to my beautiful wife since April 2017
  • Had our first child on St. Patrick’s Day 2019! He was 2 months early and spent about 3 weeks in the NICU. He’s perfectly healthy and we love him more than anything.
  • We have two dogs, a Papillon (my wife’s before we met) and a Jack Russell (our first fur baby together)
  • I’m originally from Chesapeake, VA
  • I’m the oldest of three (one brother, one sister)

Favorite Sports Teams

  • NFL: Dallas Cowboys
  • MLB: Atlanta Braves
  • NBA: I rooted for the Charlotte Hornets growing up, but they’ll never be good. I like LeBron. I enjoy all of the offseason drama more than anything.
  • NCAA: Old Dominion Monarchs!

How I Spend My Free Time

  • Taking Udemy courses and watching Laracasts
  • Trying to make my son giggle
  • Smoking ribs for my wife every week
  • Walking the dogs (Jack Russell’s have SOO much energy!)
  • Madden and Rocket League on PlayStation (you don’t want any of this…)
  • Softball, flag football, racquetball
  • Trying to get back into running

Current Software Interests

  • Modern JavaScript: ES6, Vue, React, Node
  • Laravel and Symfony (blog post to come about this!)
  • Cloud computing (AWS specifically)